Can't Left Click in Quick Launch or Start Menu

So it all started 2 or 3 days ago when I noticed how many options I had when I right clicked on something, so I go and try to clean that up, ofcoarse doing that I wind up playing around in RegEdit, and ofcoarse I accomplished to NOT make a back up, well any ways I cleaned up my right click context menus but now I cannot left click on any of the 3 icons in my Quick Launch, and I can only left click on Internet Explorer, Windows Live Mail, Shut DOwn, Run, Computer, Documents (basically all the stock MS links), if i click on all programs it expands but say i want to open CuteFTP i can left click on it and NOTHING, if i right click on it i get the super cool option of "Open File Location"

Can any one help me, because lucky for me I just so happen to have deleted all of my System Restore points right before I did this to my self and I DO NOT have the install disc for Vista!

Please Help

I am running Vista Home Basic

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  1. Let me know if you need more information, or if I am just... well.. as we say here in Vegas.. "Effed in the A" btw, I remember in XP, in the c-panel somewere, or maybe in Tweak UI, there was a button for "Restore Icons" and "Restore Shortcuts" or something like that (let me know if I am wrong) but something tells me that there is the same feature some were here in Vista and it will simply restore my Left-Click-Ability.... again, any help is greatly appericated!!
  2. Hmmm.... as Jane would say "... in a bit of a pickle, Dick"

    There might be some hope though, you might be able to perform a repair install with a Vista Recovery Disk. The folks at Neosmart have the details and available downloads as provided by Microsoft. You will need a torrent client to retrieve the bootable iso file.

    It would also be an idea to use SIW (or preferred software) to retrieve you product key. If you use SIW the standalone free version will do, it doesn't need to be installed and can be run from a USB flash drive:

    Neosmart web page with Vista recovery disc download:

    I am not 100% sure how and if this will work as I have never needed the download, but it will at least give you a start if you wish to research it.
  3. It isnt a recovery disc, it just has Windows Start Up Repair, if you goto windows recovery mode it says it is missing files (since the ISO is just the Windows Start Up Repair portion of the disc) it gives options to do a system restore but all restore points have been deleted, do you kno of any way to reprgram the regrestry to stock settings for the start menu and quick launch tool bar ??? aannyyyy ooonnneee????
  4. hey so i fixed it, i had to download some file called lnkfix_vista.reg and it like totally fixed everything, so if any one is trying to clean up their right click menu's and winds up effin up everything to the point were you had the problem i had, you need to find that file and download it and install it and BOOM, everything is fixed, that is the only fix i could find aside from Repairing my windows installation, which would require a windows vista installation disc, which dosen't exist for free for me, atleast not after looking for ever, that being said if any one has the ISO for Vista Ultimate they wanna hook me up with that would awsome, ill give u like all my movies, i have basically every good movie since 2007 in AVI format (these are completly legal backup ofcoarse)

    but ya i fixed it, i forget who told me to get that file but if you read this THANK YOU!!!!
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