Computer will not start: corrupted file: windows\system32\config\system

My computer will not start, saying I have a corrupted file windows\system32\config\system
How can I download that file as I don't have anymore my windows cd? (XP version)
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  1. Boot to the XP install disk and at the first repair console perform a repair to the system boot files. Once in the first repair console type FIXBOOT in the command prompt and press enter. Reboot the system.
  2. Not going to fix the problem since it's a corrupted registry. See:
  3. Used to happen all the time on my Windows 2000 installation. I kept a copy of SYSTEM so that I could copy it back when necessary. They say defragging the registry helps, but it didn't in my case.
  4. Hmmm, I had that exact error due to an XP system crashing so often. I did a manual repair of the registry on that machine, but I thought I remembered getting back to desktop to do the manual repair by repairing the boot sector first. Maybe not, but that 's if I remember correctly. I eventuall reloaded that computer and found the reason for all the crashing leading to registry corruption. A bad SATA cable. Fixed and running today.

    EDIT: With this particular error, a repair of the corrupted boot sector will get you back to desktop, will not permanently fix the problem.
  5. I've fixed this error many times by slaving the hard drive in another computer and restoring the backup copies of DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE & SYSTEM from System Volume Information. I just start with the newest and work my way backwards until the system boots. A corrupted registry can be caused by a failing hard drive or bad cable.
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