How to add "open link in IE32" to context menu?

Just had this idea today.

First off, I love IE. I don't want Chrome/Firefox/Safari/whatever!

My ONLY complaint with IE64 is Adobe's lazyness in creating a 64-bit flash plugin.

I hate surfing around using IE64 and having to copy a link, open IE32, and paste it.

It would be awesome to add "open link in IE32" to the right click menu.

I'm sure this is something a programmer would easily know how to do but I have no idea! :lol:
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  1. So why not just use the 32bit version of IE all the time?
  2. IE32 is nowhere near as fast as IE64!
  3. Meh! Your internet speed will affect the performance far more than whatever browser you are using. :)

    Ironically what you are looking for is far more likely to be done in Firefox rather than IE. It's a completely desirable feature though. I have to do the same using 64bit Firefox (Minefield) and 32bit IE.
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