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how do I uninstall this thing. I never signed up for it and it takes over my screen and the screensaver?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware...

    I would go into your Control Panel and select Add & Remove Hardware. You should be able to uninstall it from there.
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  3. Hello,

    We are happy to assist you with uninstalling the blinkx Beat video screensaver from your computer. Please follow the uninstall instructions below.

    Also it seems there is some confusion as to how you downloaded the program. blinkx partners with other software companies, so if you’ve recently downloaded some software, you probably downloaded blinkx Beat as well.


    Identify which Windows Operating System (OS) is running on your computer:

    Follow the instructions at Microsoft’s page here:

    If you have Windows 95/Windows 2000/Windows XP:
    1. Go to the START menu on your computer
    2. Select “Control Panel”
    3. Click on “Add or Remove Programs” icon
    4. Find “blinkx beat” in the list of programs, select it and click on the “Remove” button to its right.
    5. Restart your computer

    If you have Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    1. Go the START menu on your computer
    2. Select “Control Panel”
    3. Click on “Programs”
    4. Then choose “Programs and Features”
    5. Find “blinkx Beat” in the program list and click “Uninstall”
    6. Open the following folder on your computer: C:\Windows\system32
    7. Find the file "ssblinkx"
    8. Delete file "ssblinkx"
    9. Restart your computer

    If this process still does not fully remove blinkx Beat, please use this final method:

    1. Go the START menu on your computer
    2. Select “Control Panel”
    3. Select “Appearances and Personalization”
    4. Select “Screen Saver”
    5. Click on the drop-down menu that appears
    6. Choose “None”
    7. Press OK

    blinkx Support
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