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Multiple identical desktop images on single monitor.

I have a problem with my display on a Compaq Presario C700 laptop. I now have 8 individual identical desktop images which appeared to be tiled. There are 2 vertical rows of 3 and 1/2 images, complete with taskbars and icons. I used to only have 1 desktop, but now have several. each is set to 640x480 and I cannot change any of the settings. I have no idea how this got changed. Trying to do a system restore back to the beginning of March but nothing is working. Has anyone out there run into this before?
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  1. Try to change settings to "Default" in the control panel of your video card.
  2. Matan Eldan said:
    Try to change settings to "Default" in the control panel of your video card.


    I am using an Intel Chipset driver and in the Graphic Properties, there is not a Restore Default option. This thing is locked into 640x480 resolution and 63Mhz refresh rate. I have tried a system recovery but that did not work. It looks like a sheet of Avery business cards where you have individual cards in 2 rows, all on the one monitor. I hook up an external monitor and it is normal. one desktop that fills up the entire screen. the laptop has 6 individual images and i can find nothing to turn it off and set it back to normal.
  3. I don't know if it will work for you, but it's worth giving a try:

    Try to download the latest Chipset drivers from Intel site:
  4. I now have an identical problem- display ok in safe mode, but restoring back to a previous date does not resolve the issue. Any ideas, I have the driver disc if I need to reinstall the drivers-- or if worst case scenario to reinstall a disc image taken over a year ago, but thats the last resort
  5. Uninstalling and re-installing the driver does not work. I have also done a complete system recovery and that did not work either. I hooked up an external monitor and it shows normal desktop. So I am coming to the conclusion it is a fault in the hardware itself or a glitch in the liquid matrix of the laptop's flat panel monitor. May have to replace the motherboard and the lcd screen to fix; just don't know if that will do it!
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    For XP Professional, go to control panel, click on 'Display', click the 'Desktop' tab. From the 'Position' tab on the right side you can select 'center', 'tile', or 'stretch'. Center will give you a single image at full resolution/size in the center of the screen. 'Stretch will extend the single image over the entire desktop. I you presently have multiple images the position is set to 'tile'.
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