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I have 3 pc's all using windows xp pro. they are all directly connected to the internet using a hub (not router) all 3 pc's have their own ip's issued by my isp. i am wondering if it is possible to set them up w/ a file and print sharing network using this configuration. ie: w/o using a router and still having all 3 pc's directly connected to the internet (not having one pc serve as a gateway).
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  1. You can try just joining all the computers onto the same workgroup / domain. That should work and let you share whatever you want between the computers.
  2. I don't think it will work since your ISP's Gateway won't route NetBIOS traffic.

  3. Have you tried mapping a folder on each computer to the other by using ip address? The hub should transmit all info to each port. Try pinging each computer from the other and see if you get a response. Do this without the hub connected to the modem to prevent the ping going out to the internet.
  4. how exactly do i map a folder to a specific ip
  5. Right click on "My Computer" -> Map Network Drive -> Choose a drive letter -> put \\ip_of_computer\sharename in the 'Folder' field -> Choose user logon info if you need to -> Finish
  6. does not seem to be working. says that it cant contact the ip. not sure im doing it right though because it will not let me select a folder.
  7. Again, it won't work since your ISP doesn't route NetBIOS traffic. You need a router.

  8. i have people telling me the same thing. but what i don't understand is how i can send a file using mIRC or aim and transfer files between the three computers at 1mb/s. what this tells me is that its not being routed through my isp but directly between the two pc's. so logically you would think i would be able to set up a network.
  9. What makes you think the file transfer is not routed through your ISP. Try a traceroute and see where it goes.

  10. i guess i was thinking that because the 1mb/s transfer rate exceeds what my isp bandwidth allows
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