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Hey everyone.
I've got a self built desktop at home that does everything I need it to do. However, I'm starting Law school in a few weeks and have been struggling to find a portable solution that makes sense. I just need something to browse the web, read PDFs, and take notes in class. I am planning on using some cloud apps to send everything back to my desktop so that I don't need to lug the portable back and forth (Evernote, dropbox, etc.) Here is my dilemma: new ultrabooks are sweet but they are overkill for what I need; netbooks are underpowered and unreliable. Does anyone have some advice for a cost effective model that may suit my needs? I've had some people suggest a Chromebook.

Any thoughts on this suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance.
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  1. i dont see the dilema.

    you can get normal laptop computers in a variety of prices as low as $400 to over $2000. with nettops normally costing at least a few hundred getting a normal laptop with the larger screen might be your best bet.

    for about $750 i bought an asus i7 model with a decent video card. for $450-500 we bought our mother an asus i3 model.

    in the end it is worth buying something that is a little much for what you need than not enough. also remember that you will most likely not use the laptop for just schooling. i'm sure you will use it for photos, facebook, or whatever you college kids are into now.

    of course there are always plenty of options out there... anything from a phone to ipad to nettop to laptop will work all with pros and cons
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm just imagining something is out there that would be perfect that just doesn't exist. I picked up an i3 Asus for $475CDN and I'm sure it will work out great.

    Thanks again.
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