680i vs p35 - Not just OC'ing

Been researching for 3 months now, watching the 680i's come out, and now the p35's come out.

I am an intel/intel/intel type person for mobo/chip/proc but the 680, and variants of the p35 have piqued my interest.

I plan on making the system quiet, but not water cooled.
Its just too much money at this time =p.

Since this machine really needs to last and is "business critical" are the problems with the 680i DOA/2 month later ram issues/etc really widespread?
Is the p35 from other vendors as stable as the stock intel boards?

I need this computer every day to do work on, but yet majority of the time is spent gaming, and I'm tired of running on very low settings.

Here are the two boards I am looking at, to fit in the p180 case.

Gigabyte's 380i
Gigabyte's p35:

The motherboards heatsinks from what I've read have no issues even with tuniq tower, except it rests on it. Not sure if getting the tuniq (will be close to edge of the case though) or the arctic.

I do not plan to upgrade to dd3 in the future for 2-3 years anyways, and that will be a new box. So the p35 with combo ddr2/ddr3 slots isn't important. I want to keep ddr2 for cheap ram prices.
The p35 I like because its intel, and I never had an issue with their chipset/processor combos.

The 4 nics seem an awesome idea on the 680i, if I can pull ~350meg a sec from the other machine in the house with a 12 port switch, and N wireless finalizing near that speed.

Here is the full wish list with both motherboards on it atm.


I really like the TG forums and the discussion of 680 with p35 seems to go towards overclocking and different makes of each, not a comparision between the two. Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. i'm very happy with my asus p5k very stable running 3,600 24/7. had a commando but this feels a lot more solid

  2. I see the gigabyte has a pipe for cooling connecting the north and southbridge, yet the asus only has one for the north bridge?

    How does the heat on southbridge seem? Is the smaller heat sink for the north bridge still work well?
  3. Quote:
    yet the asus only has one for the north bridge?
    think your looking at the vanilla i have the deluxe this has comparable heatpipes see

    P5K Deluxe Wifi AP Thread.

  4. aye, I was looking at vanilla version.

    I am trying to also avoid covering sata ports with the 8800 =\

    From that post, thanks for it btw, it seems the manufact. cooling isn't good enough? hmm.

    maybe I should try that oil computer
  5. not sure what u mean about manf cooling?? clunk like myself run water cooled so the heatpipes tend yto be replaced with nb block etc.,

    in most casrs even whern running with the manufacturers heatpipes, i usually lift them & apply a decent paste as 9/10 the manufacturers covering isn't good.

    i have an 8800 gts & am using all 6 sata ports. the ultra etc., are a bit longer but sata can just squeeze in:) But i must admith the gigabyte has a better layout for sata ports.
  6. manf cooling = heatsinks/fans/etc that come with the board, not 3rd party cooling is what I meant.

    Thanks for your feedback, the p35 does indeed look good, and the asus looks nice with the dual nic.

    I got some arctic silver on the newegg already to do just that, remove their elmo's glue paste and put some real stuff on there.
  7. Quote:
    and put some real stuff on there.
    HeHe:D you know it makes sense.
  8. Hi,

    I'm just about to buy a new motherboard and can't decide between a 680i and p35 setup also. I was looking at the new Asus Motherboard P5N32-E SLI NF680i SLI or on the p35 side perhaps the Asus P5K-E/WIFI-AP or Gigabyte GA-P35T-DQ6. I'll be running an Intel Q6600 quad chip.

    I'm most bothered by the performance of packages like Matlab, R and Excel and not really that interested in graphics, does anybody have any advice on which to choose please.

    Thanks, D
  9. Quote:
    I really like the TG forums and the discussion of 680 with p35 seems to go towards overclocking and different makes of each, not a comparision between the two. Any info would be appreciated.

    I'm kind of in the same boat WRT mobos and 680 vs. p35 vs... I've been using a business imaging machine to do audio recording and am at the point where I need to build a dedicated audio rig. I've spent 6 months reading audio forums to try to get good comparisons on Mac desktops vs PCs and have mostly come up empty. I recently found a local studio that has a Digitech Protools HD board. The owner has both Mac (w/ two 3GHz dual cores) and a home-built Q6600 on a P5B running XP Pro. He has both rigs available so his customers have the choice of their preferred platform. He got into this as a Mac addict but the Q6600 converted him to a PC user and after seeing him do some demos, I decided to build a Q6600 box and use the savings to buy extra RAM and HD space. So I'm waffling around on the mobo choice since I'm not schooled on mobos that are not gaming specific. Too bad there are not more music oriented people on Toms because the audio forums are full of tech-deficient people that prefer Macs because they are easy to set up.
  10. Hi networknetwork,
    welcome to the forum. :D

    Can't comment on the 680i other than to say i didn't buy one:) :lol:
    I'm very impressed with my p5k wifi deluxe (ddr2) It's the most solid stable mobo i've had for a good while
    It's got a few small design faults nothing major though:-
    1) sata ports to near gfx card , though i'm running using all 6 quite happily.
    2) the biggest imo is the location of the cmos jumper, though again there are few times you need to use it. if an oc fails , switch off turn on & your away again.

    I'm running 9x400@2:3 = 1200mhz mem. this is 12hrs orthos stable & my 24/7 clock.

  11. I was thinking of waiting a few weeks until the x38 launch..
  12. yep that's a sound idea also be after nexy intel £ drop
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