Whats the diff GMA 3000 G965 express

Dell delivered a pc to a friend today it should have had a GMA 3000 chipset in it but it has a G965 express chipset in it instead is this good or bad.
Thanks Mactronix
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  1. The G965 Express uses the GMA X3000 onboard graphics. It uses 4 programmable shaders, supports DX9.0C (SM3.0, HDR) and hardware T&L (with the right drivers).

    The Intel Q965 and Q963 use the GMA 3000 onboard graphics which uses programmable shaders and supports DX9.0C (SM 2.0 only) but not hardware T&L. It's a watered down X3000.

    In your friend's case it looks as though it is a good thing because the G965 is the better of the two.
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