Pc crashes

my pc crashes wont boot or install new vista ive tried takin ram out 1 ata a time with no luck i thought hard drive was dead at first but it shows up in bios so im assuming its fine pls help....
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  1. i should also say its says start up repair v2 is problem if that any help
  2. It still sounds like an HD problem.

    If you can replace your HD, even just for a temporary use, in order to decide if he's the culprit - it will be good, and will help us to eliminate possible options.
  3. ok il try that ty for reply il b bak
  4. i did have a HD but it just kept comin up with boot error hmmm....when i do start up repair, it says repairing disk errors but i let that run for 20+ hrs and it did nothing can i format the HD from the bios driving me mad now.
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