I cannot access or format my Store 'N'Go 1 GB USB drive.


I have a Store 'n' Go USB 1GB that I bought a while ago, I have problem opening the disk so, I had to format it.

The system keeps telling me that “the drive is copy protected” on windows XP, and the “files on the drive are copy protected and it is read-only files” and I should have read help files on how to deal with read-only files on Windows Vista Ultimate.

However, I am unable to see if there are any files on the drive nor to open it or use it for anything. I have tried to format it on different computers, different operating systems, and using the C-command, no progress… I still got the same response.

The formation process was using the “Default Allocation” , 1024, and quick and normal format. No progress.
I have also tried different format tools such as KillDisk, no progress!

Help me, I need to reformat it and just reuse it.
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  1. not sure... but it sounds like it might just be locked
  2. and what should I do? I tried the DOS command, but it says that the file is RAW and that it could not be formatted.
  3. is there a physical switch or lever you can move on the drive itself?... its possible, but maybe the actual flash disk inside the drive was damaged somehow (which is why it might only be reading as raw)... that might be a bit far fetched though... ...but if theres no switch you can change, and no software formatting has worked at all, thats really the only thing left that i can think of..

    what comes to mind, is sometimes flash drives in cameras will become corrupt, and unreadable, if the batteries unexpectedly die at the same time youre writing data to it... moisture and heat exposure is possible too (though supposedly flash drives are fairly resilient from what i can tell)

    flash drives are fairly inexpensive to replace anyhow, if you ever need to... such as, you can probably get a 1GB usb 2.0 flash drive for ~$20 or less
  4. Yeah, that stick is dead-bug, I would RMA it if possible. The software solutions cost more than both drives (old and new). Consider destroying the old drive if sensitive data was on it. NEVER RMA a stick with sensitive data on it!

  5. Where did you buy it? Amazon mentions limited Lifetime Warranty! Download the manual, there is mention of Security feature.

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