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Need help choosing a distributed computing project to contribute to..

I have recently become quite actively involved in distributed computing projects, and I am looking for one main project that my computer can work for, instead of constantly changing between them. I want one that is preferably science related and for a good cause, and also one which constantly releases information to the public about their achievements. I have already tried Folding@Home but didn't like the interface and also felt that they already had a massive amount of participants and my input wouldn't make any difference, SETI@Home but the cause seems a bit useless, and like F@H, the amount of participants they have seems to be more than satisfactory. I also have running as I post his, however the size of the work units seem to be a little ridiculous, and I am confused as to why the project is still running after the results were completed some time in 2007..

So if anyone with experience with distributed computing projects is on here, can they please help me out?

Thanks :)
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    I think Folding@Home is the most worthwhile. I do not know what you mean by not liking the interface. I always ran the service because I do not use a screen saver. The work Folding@Home is doing is massive, so all contributions help.
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  3. I recommend world community grid because it has many projects in one, they range from Help Fight Childhood Cancer to Computing for Clean Water and energy, but it is only for the cpu at the moment and more projects come on line from time to time :)
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