Why is my psp internet so weak?

My PSP internet has been acting weird lately. Whenever im near my router, it say the signal strength is 100%. But, whenever im 5 feet away, it goes down to about 5%. With my other PSP, my signal strength is still 100% if im about 15 feet away. Does anyone know why my PSP internet connection so weak? Or how i can fix this problem?
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  1. You need to train your PSP more to level it up. Run about in long grass to start some random encounters and punch, kick and bite any foes that startle you.

    More seriously:

    Have you dropped the PSP or anything?
    Are the settings for both PSPs exactly the same?
    Do you have any new electronic devices nearby possibly using a similar frequency band to the PSP that's struggling?
  2. it's usually just interference,my son has one and gets varied signals all the time!
  3. my psp wont let me put internet on it the signal light comes on then it say ur signal is weak can not access :fou: and i try and try bu it wont work is there ayye wayy i can fix that :sol:
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