Trying to obtain parts as a damn Canadian

Hello hello.

I have a wonderful spec, or at least what I think is a wonderful spec, in mind to buy. Found some nice sales of course on, and grew excited as I researched and it became clear that I found my ideal gaming PC.

But yeah, too bad I live in Canada, and nothing from there ships here. Nor from any other "okay" website, and Newegg is in the same boat: it's all either EXPENSIVE AS HELL, or doesn't exist in the Canadian market.


Any advise? I am contemplating finding a way to ship it to the border and just drive 5 hours. Honestly it would be a better deal than trying to scrap up the pieces from .ca websites and/or local stores, which is incredibly hard considering they seldom have the parts, and if they do and as I've mentioned, it's EXPENSIVE AS HELL. What is 115 on .com is like 190 on .ca.

What is on sale for like $109.99 is just a flat 230 dollars in Canada. What is 279 is 350.

What the hee.....ll?

Anyway. Unless anyone has a better idea, I'll be planning a trip to Montana.

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  1. i've seen a few other users posting about parts they were buying on ca websites lately. perhaps look into where they are buying from. i believe it is in the home built or opinions and experiences (this) directories.

    do you know anyone in the usa to visit? you could ship it to them. some websites only want to ship to your billing address so you might have some complications you need to think about before you decide to travel.

    i would suggest a little more research first.
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