SMC wireless router as wired AP

Hi everyone,

hoping someone with more networking savvy might know the answer to this... :)

I have a wireless network in my home, as follows:

ADSL modem, connected directly to a US Robotics 8054 wireless router
2 laptops, connecting wirelessly (DHCP)
2 desktops, currently without network access

For various reasons, it is not possible to get wireless up and running on the 2 desktops (combination of old hardware, migration to linux and lack of funds). It's also not possible to move the router closer to the desktops, without trailing wires all over the place.

I have an additional wireless router which is currently unused (SMC barricade SMC2804WBR). If possible, I'd like to connect my 2 desktops via RJ45 to this SMC router, and use it as a wireless bridge to the USR8054.

Can anyone advise me as to whether this is possible, and/or point me in the right direction to set it up?

Thanks in advance, for any help you can offer.


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  1. It's usually easier to use the spare router as a wireless access by connecting it to the router via ethernet.

    Have a look at this diagram:
  2. yes, but that doesn't really make sense for my setup.

    I have two computers with wired ethernet but no wireless. I already have a working wireless network - I'm looking for a way to get my 2 wired desktops onto the existing wireless network, using my (currently unused) SMC wireless router. The hardware of the router is capable - it just needs firmware which "reverses" its role (using its wireless antenna to connect to the parent network).

    Having researched this further, I don't believe that the SMC 2804 can do this. Later versions may be able to, but v.1.1 cant :(

    Thanks for your help,

  3. Sorry, I wasn't much help. I beleive the issue is usually whether the gear supports WDS which much domestic stuff does not.
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