Is this PSU powerful enough?

I am looking to upgrade to a better gaming machine. I just need to know whether my current PSU needs will be enough to run an 8800GTS 320MB or 640MB graphics card.

Its a Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480W (Xaser III) PSU. It has 3 12v rails and I think each supplies 18 amps. Will this be sufficient?

I want to run it with a 250 gig hdd internal, 500 gig external, 1 dvd writer, and 2 gig of ddr2 800 ram.
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  1. Try here

    But if you need more info, you can try the pro (paid) version
  2. Quote:
    480W/12V = 40A MAX on the combined 12V rails and a powerful 8800 or x2900 wont need more than 30A on the combined 12V rails so obviously it will do.


    WHAT?? This psu is CRAP

    There is only one 12V rail of 18A.. Forget it the max would be something like a x1650xt maximum

    Ok, my PSU isnt exactly like that one, but if the specs are similar then I suppose I will need a new PSU. Its just that I thought that if maybe each 12v rail supplied 18 amps then I would be able to use 2 of them for the 8800 (it has 2 4pin molex connectors right?)
  3. Yeah I just took it out to have a look at the label. It only seems to have 1 12v rail of 18 amps. I suppose the 6800 GT im running now must not need that much. Looks like i will indeed need a new PSU for my new system if I want an 8800GTS, which I do LOL!!!. Thanks for the help guys.
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