Rthernet network controller for hp 9700

I was running DriverMax on my HP Pavillon dv9700 laptop and it gave me the option to update my Erthernet Network Controller and the Unibrain 1394 pc drivers and i click update button. I did not realized until a few days afte the update that both drivers did not update (it now showing the yellow question mark under Other in my device manager for both drivers). I have tried to rollback both drivers, but to no avail. I have also went to HP Home Page and could not find the driver there. Can someone please direct me to the right path, so the I can download these drivers? Looking forward to hearing from someone regarding this matter.

email: rontyronefleming@yahoo.com
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  1. 1. Recommend you delete your email address from above ASAP.

    2. Boot up into your Safe mode (F8).
    Open the Device Manager and uninstall all the devices under the Other category.

    3. Windows should install the correct default drivers for the devices.

    4. As for the proper driver updates, go here...
    Select the items requested.
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