Windows 7 Poll: Just 3 very simple questions.

1) What is you memory usage %?
2) How much RAM do you have installed?
3) Is your video card integrated or dedicated?

Just press ctrl+shift+esc and look at the performance tab.
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  1. Using 1.39 GB out of a total of 6gb installed.

    Using a GTX275 video card.
  2. 8gb ddr2 @ 20%-30%
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    1.7 GB with Google Chrome, Microsoft Word 2007, and Everest running.
    4 GB of PC6400 800MHz ram.
    HD4850 (dedicated)
  4. On Windows 7 Idle I have around 850-900Mhz (I did disable a bunch of useless servies/processes)
    6GB Total
  5. 27% out of 8gb total
    HD4870 dedicated
  6. Mem used 692 out of 2G
    GTX260 dedicated
  7. Between 20and 30% out of 8GB, depending on what I'm doing at the time. Around 15% at idle.
  8. Memory - 12GB of RAM, around 15-25% utilized most of the time, but up to about 70% for certain tasks.
    Video - dedicated passively cooled card.
  9. 2.36 out of 4GB

    Dedicated 1GB video card
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