Pioneer DVR-109 not writing/ reading cd or DVD

A few days ago the above just stopped working! Steps take so far:
Updated firmwear,
Updated MB bios,
(re)Installed system ASPI (to 4.60/ 4.70) and finally
Reinstalled Windows XP- the ungreatful device is still not reading/ writing any media.

I can see the device in My conputer etc- but still can use it.

Nero infotool shows the drive as present with firmwear 1.40.
About 12 months ago same thing happnede- ended up taking it to a freind who fixed it- no idea how he did it- but he is now unavailable- any ideas what else to try?
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  1. Maybe he blew it out or cleaned the laser?
  2. Does the disk spin when it is installed/accessed? If not the drive belt might have failed. Years ago I had a drive belt in an OEM drive that failed. Believe it or not I replaced it with an appropriate sized rubber band that I had lying around.
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