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Best free anti-virus

Hey Everyone!!

I was just wandering, what's the best free to download anti-virus for when you get your pc up and running? I will upgrade after everything is done. Thanks
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  1. Anti-Virus: AVG Free

    Firewall: Comodo

    Anti-Malware: MalwareBytes
  2. avast free!
    avira free!

    BEST free suite is microsoft security essentials!
  3. Thanks heaps!!! It will come in good use
  4. bit defender free
    avg free
    avira free
    microsoft security essential
  5. So out of all these options for an anti-virus system, what is the best or is it just all personal preferance?
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    bit defender I think it the best. try to search in GOOGLE with this keyword =>
    "best antivirus april 2011"


    "top ten antivirus april 2011"
  7. I have read a "PC|GAMER" magazine to... :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. ok thanks!!
  9. littlesam95 said:
    ok thanks!!

    don't forget to choose the best answer boss.......
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  10. Kk will do
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  12. I know that the thread has been marked as solved and bit defender is plenty good, but if you're using Windows, MSE is prolly the best choice these days.

    Avast and Kaspersky are the way to go as well, though the last mentioned is not a freeware.
  13. Yeah I have read alot of reviews and it's has Sao that if your looking at a free anti-virus suite MSE is the way to go! Thanks!!
  14. You're welcome :)
  15. I know this is solved however, on my old pc, I had windows xp firewall and Internet security, also symantec antivirus.

    While on the Internet I received a message from windows saying my firewall and other security has well pretty much crashed and uploaded 29 viruses like a sat counter and other bank account viruses.

    I updates symantec and ran a scan however nothing showed up! Then ran spybit search and destroy and it only found 2 Trojan viruses not 29.

    Someone please explain!!
  16. Sorry for bad spelling I'm on an iPhone and it corrects weirdly!! I meant stat counter and spybot
  17. littlesam95 said:
    I had windows xp firewall and Internet security, also Symantec antivirus.
    Hi Sam, don't panic. The message itself maybe the work of scamsters, trying to get you to buy their worthless junk.

    Do not download anything or click any link on such messages that pop up when you're on the internet.

    A lot of the time, the bad guys will dress up the window to make it look like a genuine Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Firefox/ Internet Explorer message, by auto detecting which Browser/Operating System you're using.

    Again, Do not click any link on such windows. Even the "Yes Please"/ "No Thanks" buttons. It's the easiest way to infect your system.

    Now, what "Internet Security" do you have? Norton?

    1. Firstly, Norton's gotta go. Uninstall with immediate effect. If it doesn't uninstall from "Programs and Features"/"Add or Remove", or with 3rd party apps like Revo/CCleaner, download the uninstall tool from the Symantec website.

    2. Replace it with Avast or MSE.

    3. Use Malwarebytes/HijackThis and post the log on their respective websites and ask for help.

    They'll prolly be able to help you better.

    Conversely, you can download and run ComboFix and post the log on

    They'll most probably be able to analyze the log and help you out with that one. Please do not run the software without help from the forum.
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