Word2010:The function you are attempting to run contains macros.. HELP


No matter what document I want to open, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get this message and have to click OK 3 times before seeing the document :

« The function you are attempting to run contains macros or content that requires macro language support (...) »

I have Windows 7 64, and this is Word 2010. Help :(
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  1. My guess is that under tools / options / security you have a setting for macros that has it query whether you want to allow them.
  2. I tried the 4 options in the Macros settings, to no avail ..
  3. This error message actually appears when I OPEN Word, no matter if it's by opening a Word document or just launching the Word executable.

    So it's not related to particular documents.
  4. That is a strange message especially since you are not trying to open a document.
  5. It was the Acrobat add-in ! Thanks a lot CB001 !!
  6. You're very welcome. Glad it helped.
  7. Thanks for the Program feature worked!!!
  8. I had d exact same problem... i removed the Adobe Acrobat add-on. it worked for me too! thankzzzzzzzz :D
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