7200.10 Seagates in Raid 0 or 150gig Raptor ?

I hear people talking about a clicking noise that the Seagates are making, which cocerns me about potential drive issues/lifespan.

Other than that - where are the improvements of the Seagates over the Raptor?

I'm building a gaming rig. I don't do multimedia stuff.

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  1. the advantages the seagate 7200.10s have over raptors, is a larger total capacity, lower $/GB, and a lower noise level... ...raptors however are marginally faster; higher throughput, and more responsive (particularly for an OS hdd)... beyond that, its more up to preference (and your wallet)... ...regarding raid 0 however, you should use the search function on here, the topic has been beat to death literally countless times... theres a 'lot' of information available thats been posted
  2. segates have an 5 year W on them

    i not risk 1tb of data on RAID 0
    Get 2x 80gb hdds raid 0 them and get 1 500gb hdd for backup
    data speed will be faster then the raptor (if you play games the 2x80gb in raid 0 would load the maps faster then an single raptor) it only be access time that be faster on the raptor
  3. Interesting... the WD1600YS is also an 'enterprise' class drive w/5yr warr., has a 16Mb cache and does 7200R's. One sticky, it needs a firmware upgrade. It should be close to the WD1600AAJS for sustained transfer rates (64Mb/sec). For sizeable transfers, you wouldn't go wrong with either.

  4. Why not the 1Tb Hitachi? Seems like a winner from the benches...(I don't have one to play around)
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