Very slow keyboard input when rendering with 3d studio max 2010

When 3d studio max 2010 is rendering (mental ray) the keyboard input is very slow. The problem is that pressing and holding Ctrl, Shift, Alt counts as repeated keystrokes, holding down 1-2 seconds fills the keyboard buffer so bad that on every key press or mouse move a notification beep can be heard (as you hear when the system is overloaded and the mouse pointer jumps in 1-2s intervals, not smoothly). With this behavior, it's nearly impossible to press shortcuts likeCtrl-S. Working with Photoshop, it's impossible to Spage-drag the image to look around.
If I reduce the priority of the software and the cpu affinity, my system speeds a little but the keyboard remains still slow. Typing in an input box types 1char/sec.
I have 3 computers both have win7 x64. Laptop core2duo 2gb ram, desktop core2quad 4gb ram, desktop i7 8gb ram. I tested on these, bot perform very slowly so it's sure the 3d studio max is causing the problem.
Do anyone know which process should I speed up by giving realtime to restore the keyboard handling speed to the acceptable speed?
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  1. Whilst there will be an underlying process handling input you are extremely unlikely to be able to see it and / or be able to change it's priority.

    Take it this keyboard is connected via USB? Have to tried using different keyboards to see if this makes a difference?
  2. Yes, sure, I tried PS/2 and USB. . I have a wireless keyboard also, connecting with that small usb radio, the same.
    Until my initial post I found out that MentalRay is causing the problem. If I change the render method to else, 3ds max just works normally in the background.
  3. Ah I see. Does using something else resolve your problem then? If you are desperate to use Mental Ray is it possible to update just that component. I don't know much about 3DS Max I'm afraid!
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