Older driver incompatibility with vista & win7

If software manufacturers have been using ASC11 since the 60's to make their products recognize and have Backward Compatibility to make newer software work with older software; is there really any reason Microsoft couldn't do this with drivers in Vista & Win7? Perhaps a Guru could or would explain why or why not.
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  1. technology changes every day, no one can & wish to hold very old thing with current requirement.. in 80's and 90's floppy is an most important storage medium in IT industry..
    nowadays we see it only on pictures only.. its useless..
    like wise no compant will spend its valuble manpower & resource to waste it on very old technologies ..

    could you able to win the running race by walking along with grandfather..

    then how does MICROSOFT hold current growing high end technologies along wing olden technologies..
  2. i miss my grandfather,

    i work in a changing technological environment with more demands than ever on extendiing equipments "in service life," because of the economy.

    i'm not trying to get hardware from win 95 to operate with vista, but things designed to work with xp: yes i expect that hardware to work with vista

    and i enjoy walking with my granchildren

    thanks for your response
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