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my computer recently started acting funny on me, when i start my computer after putting in my password the screen is black and it takes awhile to load. i think that the recovery (e) drives was messed with, the settings changed or something by accident, and i had alot of spware and adware on it, which i am currently in the process of removing. how can i determine what is causing the problems in my computer
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  1. If you can manage to run a system restore on your computer then you should be able to set the system registry back to a time when the computer was not acting up. This will render most of the spyware inactive and may solve your problems. It would be a good starting point in any event. Then we can proceed from there.

    To run system restore:

    You can access it through the Start button All Programs > Accessories > System Tools, or by typing rstrui.exe from the Run option
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