(Possible) Realtek HD Audio driver fail

Hey guys,

I've been having a rather unpleasant problem for a few days now that I have been unable to troubleshoot correctly or even attempt a fix.

Problem is that my microphone is not transmitting, even though it should;

-mic is turned on and is part of my headset;
-the mic is turned on from the control located on the headset;
-mic was working fine a few weeks ago as that was the last time I remember using it;
-I installed my audio drivers and updated them from the Gigabyte website;
-I have a Gigabyte p35-DS3R mobo, socket775;
-no viruses, trojan or w/e, scanned in safe mode with avast, Malwarebytes and good websurfing habits; also I'm no n00b so I know how to stay safe (WinXP was fresh-installed last month, mic was working afterwards)

Is this perhaps a driver malfunction of sorts? and if so how can I correct it?

This is a ss of how my Realtek manager looks like, please notice that in the Recording/ Input bottom half, you cannot see the bars for the volume.

One other important info - when I first encountered the prob as well as after every audio driver install - the mixer was set to on and everything I listened to in my headphones was transmitted as the mic signal (so for instance if I listened to youtube or winamp, that signal was transmitted as my mic and the mic was quiet).

Hopefully someone can help as it's driving me insane.

Thank you for reading!
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  1. I had a similar problem with VIA HD audio it turned out that the defalt setting was for 5.1 which alters the mic jack from an input to an out put have a look at the I/O settings and make sure its set at 2.0. if that don't work role back the drivers and reinstall.

    hope this is usefull.
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