How to cancel outlook emails from a PDA

I was installing entryware Designer 640 for the PDA on my desktop PC, then all over a sudden it satrted synchronizing even without providing the server details. Now some of my Ms Outlook emails i can see them on that PDA which is something that i didnt want because it is going to used by someone else. How can i cancel all of those emails from the PDA back to my desktop? When i connect the PDA to the desktop i still receive the new mails on the PDA. I really want to cancel this and reinstall it without that synchrorization because i think its automatic. Kindly help. Bushinyho - Kenya
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  1. If the PDA is getting setup for someone else, just wipe it. Vendor site would have instructions. You should be able to easly stop email sync and remove the account, but wthout knowing what device this is, can't get any details here.
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