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I have a friend that is completely new to the world of computing. So it goes without saying that he is a menace to his laptop. I am currently reinstalling a new hard drive after he crashed the old one yesterday because his overwhelmed brain only sees all of the free software and crap that is available on the web.
So my question is .... Are there any programs out there that send up red flags(literally) besides weighing down the OS with virus scanners and spyware hunters so that the computer remains safe and he doesn't get frustrated and destroys (literally and physically) the computer again?
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  1. Free anti malware software are goods as long as you use it properly and cautiously. It's how you use it that matter. Antivirus are only a shield to those viruses so what you have to do is to be extra careful like scanning your removable device when you plug it in your computer because most of the viruses today comes from removable devices. Always updating your antivirus. Those small things matter in protecting your PC. Anyway I'm using AVG, MBAM and CCleaner to my PC. I downloaded it all for free but my PC are still ok. (I provided link for downloads)
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