Getting win xp sata ahci drivers

I shall be grateful if anyone would help me, first to show the site for getting the above-said drivers, and second how to install them either by slipstreaming with a windows xp cd -- as I am planning to use win xp in the first partition of the hard drive.
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  1. The drivers you need come from your motherboard manufacturer website.

    Take a close look at the motherboard note down the motherboard make and model number.

    Go to the website which make the motherboard e.g. Gigabyte, Asus etc, and search the site for the drivers you need referencing the model number.

    Try to avoid googling the drivers if you can, it is always much better to geet them direct, they are more up to date and you get what you're there for.

    Now to slipstream them google "nLite tutorial", there are loads of them.

    You can also slipstream SP3 into the install if you wish. It includes SP1 & 2 hotfixes and is all you need if your install disc is just XP.
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