School Movie project on Macs and I dislike Final Cut Pro and iMovie

Hi there,

We have to edit our Media Studies films at school on the schools 2008 macs and cant use our own laptops. The macs dualboot XP and 10.6.

I would like to use Premiere Pro as I am far more farmiliar with it but i cant install it on the Mac's. Can i make a standalone Premiere Pro CS5 that will run on the mac or do i need to thinapp an older CS3 or CS4 version and run it on XP?

Much Appreciated,
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  1. This is a terrible idea. First you are going to have to set all this up yourself. Secondly if you run into any issues your teacher / lecturer is not going to help you because you aren't using what they recommend.

    Focus on the assignment rather than the tool you want to use.
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