Windows won't boot up in ANY mode, Endless cycle of rebooting

Yesterday while I was surfing the web, I tried to go to a site that usually works for me but I got a Internal Error 500 something, so I just went on to do some other stuff.

About 10 minutes later my firewall warning pops up something forgot what it was is trying to access the internet, so I was like WTF!? BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK, and then I got the blue screen of death.

I think there was some type of countdown saying clearing physical memory? I was shocked so I pressed the power button and shut if off as fast as I could.

I tried to start the computer up again, and this is then the computer kept going into endless cycles of rebooting. Everything would go fine up until the windows xp loading screen then 1-2 seconds later, start all over again.

I tried to go into safe mode, and all but didn't work. Then I tried debugging mode/windows xp and it booted up! :D

I did a system restore to about a month ago to check if that would fix anything but guess what, it got worse. Now I can't even go into ANY type of mode, debugging, vga, safe mode, I tried them all.

I get the error: Stop 0X0000007E Error.

This computer is about 8 years old, I don't have any windows xp disk or anything. I don't think I can burn a disk from this laptop in using right now.

Does anyone know of any simple solutions that might even let me log in safemode or debugging mode before take it to the tech for extremely overpriced services???
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  1. This seems to be the best case for this issue:
  2. :hello: dude,

    Two days back, I came across a link to a site, which asked me to download the latest flash plugin. I selected ok, immediately my system restarted. From then the computer kept going into endless cycles of rebooting :( .
    None of the boot options worked (safe mode/last known good config). I tried fixboot, chkdsk by booting with xp cd. In vain :ange: .
    Only boot with debuging mode worked :) . I also tried system restore option. No change. So simply changed my boot.ini such that automatically xp boots with debug mode :na: .
    I didn't get any error like you got when doing a system restore.

    If any one knows how to fix this issue, so that I can log into my system normally (with out using debug mode), please post the same.

    Thanks and regards,
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