Routers made for printers wih usb calbles

I have Dell XPS computers and two Printers with USB cables. I want to be able to use either printer from either computer. At ant one time. How do I network these togehter and what do I need if anything. I am not that sharp so I will need it explained well.
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  1. You have 2 computers already, so I'm betting that they are already both connected to a router so that you can share an Internet Connection between them. If so, then it is not so hard to accomplish what you want.

    First, both computers must be in the same workgroup.
    Then file and Printer sharing must be setup.
    Then your printers must be installed on the Vista Computer. (It doesn't matter whether both are connected to one computer or one on each computer. Your choice)
    Then the printers themselves can be shared.
    Then you can add a network printer to the computer(s) that doesn't have the computer installed locally.

    Rather than rehash what is a very detailed Microsoft Article, I am going to give you the link. This article will tell you everything you need to know, step by step.
    If you have any questions after following the article, Post back here and I will follow up with you! Cheers!
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