Replacing DirectX 11 with DirectX 9

I have run into probles with World of Warcraft running properly since I downloade DirectX 11. It was suggested that I reload DirectX9. How can I do this?
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  2. You should first update your video driver; that will likely cure the problem. But if you really need to go back to DX9 then you will need to perform a system restore back to before you loaded DX11.
  3. Obviously you don't have Win7.
    Since you downloaded DX11 you should be able to un-install it in add/remove programs.
    Your O/S will have either DX9 or 10.1 natively depending if it's XP or i assume Vista.
    Run this once you un-install DX11.
  4. if you only have xp then directx will only install dx9.c components. it wont install dx11/ although the dxdiag will tell you that you have dx11 on your system.
    you shouldn't have to uninstall anything. just run a dx redist installer and it will update any missing components.
  5. plus 1 for hexit!!!!!!!!!!
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