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I built a new computer a few weeks ago and it works pretty well for the most part. I have only 2 issues remaining that need to be worked out.

My first issue is with my mouse because it randomly disconnects and reconnects when in use. It also doesn't respond after turning the comp on from off or sleep mode. I figured that the drivers were out of date and found that my mouse, the Logitech M-BT96a doesn't have driver support for Windows 7. I tried my brother's newer mouse and still have issues even though his works on his win 7 laptop.

Second problem is also for drivers with my D-Link DWA-552 wireless card. It worked fine for a month but then it stopped functioning. I took it out and repositioned it then reinstalled drivers. It claimed the drivers were not digitally signed regardless of which drivers I installed (be it the newest ones off the website or the ones from the CD). I called D-link and they said it was my computers problem not the product. I have to reinstall these after shutting down to have the card work.

I'm leaning towards wiping and starting again. If anyone has some suggestions other than that I'd appreciate it.
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  1. It may be a problem with your USB port rather than the mouse. Do things like USB keys show the same issues using the same port?

    As for the wireless drivers ensure your security software is not interfering with the installation process. Also make sure you are running the installer as an administrator.
  2. I'd be surprised if it was the USB port since I did replace the P8P67 B2 motherboard (had problems with the USB controllers) with the same model but with the B3 revision. I have had the issue with both of them. In any case I try out the different ports see if that changes anything.

    As for the wifi card, I have installed the drivers with avast turned off and made sure I installed it as an admin. I still have the same issue. I'll try the CD ones with the same method.
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