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Windows 9 & HP smart web printing

Have downloaded Windows 9 and lost my hp smart web printing. Really miss it. Any suggestions anyone?
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    Think you are out of luck. HP do not seem to be developing an IE9 version. I don't think Trendsoft's Multiple IE can let you install a standalone version of IE8 unfortunately either!

    I'm not aware of any alternatives that have the exact same functionality. Have a look at using Firefox and the Scrapbook add on.
  2. No, you are not out of luck. There are many other HP customers on the HP forums, which explain the issue in more detail:
  3. If you had read what the posts on that forum said you'd see that the smart web printing feature has been retired and replaced by the HP Bing Toolbar's Smart Print functionality. However this doesn't work for IE9 either.

    So I stand by my original post; I think you are out of luck.
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  5. If indeed true that HP does no longer support SWP, then your best bet may be Gadwin Print Screen. Not as good but you know what they say about beggars.
  6. :bounce: just downloaded IE9 and HP Smart Web Printing no longer works, tried to download the smart print with the bing toolbar, it downloaded then disapeared, also the ADD ons , when I check them to enable them it disabled them and now cannot enable them again.
    I do not feel that we are beggers as this product worked with IE 8 and Microsoft pushed it on us and HP saw fit not to upgrade it's product that we have all been using for a long time. We pay for this software when we buy there product at inflated prices so the least they can do is upgrade there products aswell.
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