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A lot of web sites that used to take up the full width of the browser are now scrunched up in the middle third. This is happening in Firefox and IE. Rebooting doesn't solve the issue.
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  1. Check the Zoom level on the Page options.
  2. The zoom level affects the size of text in the middle third of the browser but it doesn't get it back to full width.
  3. Thanks for the tip to check zoom settings.

    For me, the forum pages were about 10% wider than my screen, which forced me to use the horizontal scroll bar whenever I wanted to see the opposite edge of the page.

    In Firefox 4 using View>Zoom>Reset got me back to the proper screen width. Thanks!
  4. Just FYI. The majority of browsers have the keyboard shortcut of ctrl and + / ctrl and - to control the zoom level.
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