Update installed msn bug???????

Hello,As i am joined by huge numbers of denied users take can not in stall needed sp1/sp2 into their computers...Everytime i look to correct i am met with notice of updates ending 4 14 10 i wonder if all is on up and up??????????
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  1. Recommend downloading/running Ccleaner. It's free.
    then reboot.
  2. I have this installed and using.MS has stopped my updates.Have been in contact with microsoft.They are unable to fix this microsoft mine field...Sent upgrade to fix vista32,but all i get is error or corrupt files and cancelation of upgrade.Done clean boot 4 times with no corrections.Dis abled as my drivers as i dare,still no luck ! How can factory d reinstall disk be corrupt.i have 2 from Gateway.Only non important update will install WHY???? :o :o :bounce:
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