OCZ, Thoughts on there PSUs, specifically this ONE!!!

Basically I need to find a PSU and I have been told that 1KW is overkill. I need some advice on OCZ PSUs as I can not find anything I like from some of the other, quote unquote leaders like silverstone, enermax.

Build will have three hdds (one raptor two seagates 750 es)
One quad core, Q6600 OCing out to 3GHz if I can air cooled
2x2 Gig Ram G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
1 8800 GTX to start and a second in about 12 months (SLI operations)
2 Optical drives, Lite-on DVD burners
Sound card would be Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite 7.1 Channels
and of course a few case fans, and of course a good heatsink, thinking Therm Ultra 120

Anyway, I am looking at going with this PSU, and would like to use it for about two years so some capacitor decay would have to be predicted.

*** NEW *** OCZ GameXStream 850 Watt SLI Ready Power Supply with Active PFC


Any and all help is appreciated!
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  1. Quote:

    Thanks, I do have a few thoughts, all the reviews give it an outstanding pat on the back, the one thing I am wondering, under the bjorn3d review it mentioned that the PSU did not natively support two 8800GTX (SLI) " 2 - 6P PCIe won't natively support 8800 GTX/Ultra SLi " Why is that, did i miss something, it has two 6P PCI cables on the system, or at least I thought it did....

  2. Don't squander your money and get something way over the top, that's just useless. At the same time though don't short change yourself and get a ~600W PSU for 2GTX's and all that other stuff. All of that equipment might run on 600watts but it'll probably be using about 500+ watts of that PSU. Although it will work, it probably won't last very long, it'll run hot, and be very inefficient.

    Check this out though,
    This shows you that 2x8800GTS SLI @650/2010, with an OC'd FX-60 @3006Mhz at 1.45v = ~147W will run on a 600W power supply. This PSU they test on is also an OCZ, but it's the EvoStream that has less amps. Look for the GameXStream that has more amperage per rail. Also if you follow that page just a little it'll show you a link that also explains that a GTX does use more power than the GTS but when you put the information together with the other site you have a whole picture.

    Based on the idea that a 600W PSU can run alot of high power equipment that'd be a base line starting place. However based on things like the efficiency curve of a power supply, you probably should never use over 70% of a PSU's power if you want it to be stable, efficient and last. If I were you I'd shoot for something around 700-800. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=316505, is what I'd go for even though it's ZZF it's a better deal than Newegg.
  3. I can say that the OCZ I have has been great, very stable (have had it quite a while now). I have the 700wGamexstream.

    As you noted the one thing I've noticed about the 850 you are looking at is that unless you have splitters etc you don't have the proper cabling for SLI. I'm sure it could handle SLI easily but why have to rig up a PSU to do what most do out of the box?

    I'd suggest looking at other models of OCZ or even other brands such as Corsair, etc. Just make sure it meets all your cabling needs and has had good reviews. At work right now so sorry don't have time to research the links for you :/
  4. Oh yeah that "cabling issue"....sigh.
  5. StealthXStream 600\700 watt is made by Forton for OCZ. Better amps on rails. I would choose it over the GameXtreem.
  6. To be honest I wasn't fond of this one in the beginning but I am starting to reconsider, any thoughts on this PSU, comments, value, etc...

    ENERMAX Galaxy EGX850EWL ATX12V/ EPS12V/ BTX 850W Power Supply 100 - 240 V cUL, UL, TUV, CE, FCC - Retail

  7. Did you know that OCZ has bought PC Power and Cooling?
  8. I don't know where you got that the StealthXStream has more amps than the GameXStream. Both have 18amps across the 12v rails.
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