First Overclock - Gigabyte DS3

This is my first build and first overclock so I have been doing a lot of reading on here. I recently read Skyguy's OCing tutorial and I decided to give it a shot last night. I updated my bios, disabled all the useless stuff set the multiplier to 8 @ 399 FSB.

I read that a few people left the voltage stuff to auto and let the computer control that. I loaded up TAT, speedfan and ran dual instances of Prime95. Prime has been running for about 14+ hours now with no errors, but in SpeedFan it is saying my vCore1 is about 1.35 and vCore2 is about 2.1. (I forgot to bring my screen capture to work so I can't give exact numbers). Isn't vCore2 way too high!?? I am thinking that's an error because my temperatures were about 32C at idle and peaked at 56C in a hot room while running Prime. I turned on my AC and they dropped down and leveled out at about 52C. I'm just wondering if I should go in and manually set the voltages or if I should be fine as is.

My setup is:

Gigabyte DS3 F12
e6600 8x @ 399
2 gb GSkill 6400 5-5-5-15
Zalman 9500
TT Extreme Spirit II
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  1. nope its normal for vcore to be 2.1, in fact, mines 2.13.

    just a question though, why 399? Isn't something above 400 like 401 suppose to be better, thought I remembered reading that somewhere.
  2. FSB 401 better if values below 400 are unstable (FSB hole, strap... look here or google for more details)

    I'd go for a manual vcore for one main reason: to get the lowest vcore needed to your overclock. Auto increasing from the bios can suerely get you higher vcores for low overclocks, and low unstable vcore at high overclocks

    So yes, I'd go with a manual setting, and try to lower at 1.325 default first
    Your temps look fine
  3. From reading I thought that I should just avoid 400, either just above or below and I thought below would be safest. I'm sure I could raise it up to 401 without a problem though.

    Thanks for the advice, I would like the manually change the voltages but I'm new to this and I just don't want to mess anything up. I'll try starting at 1.325 later today, but what is that vCore2 and why is it in the 2.1 range?

    *edit* - It seems like vcore2 is the NB voltage. I was assuming incorrectly that it was the second core's voltage and that's why I was initially alarmed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for initial volatges for my setup other than the 1.325 for vcore?
  4. Everything at lowest voltage (vFSB, vNB, vSB...)
    vDIMM at 1.9 to 2v if not overclocked
    And increase slowly the vcore until stable

    On high FSB (350 and above), I'd put the other voltages at the values before it is red, get a stable overclock, than put the voltages on lowest value, and check again stability. If it is stable, no need to increase any voltage, if not, try to increase vFSB and vNB a notch

    vSB is only needed if you bump your PCI-e graphic card
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