Should i swap back to xp to speed up my via c7-m processor?

Please help! I have just bought a new netbook in a hurry to replace one that blew up. It is the hp mini note 2133 and is running a VIA C7-M 1600ghz 2gb ram. It is preloaded with vista home and it is doing my head in!!!!! I really like the look and features of vista, but it is painfully slow on this computer. It takes minutes to start up, and then can take 30 seconds or more to load each page. I am really sick of seeing that little circle anytime i try to do anything. My question is pretty simple but i have found to much contradicting information when i have tried to look into it. Should i go back to xp for faster preformance? All i really use this for is web browsing and office. I only need those two things to be fast, and xp has always worked for me before. Or is it just that its a crap computer and i will never be able to get it to be fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is really driving me crazy.
Thanks:-) Steph
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  1. Hi Steph,

    Sorry to hear the netbook isn't performing well. Vista will perform slower than XP on the same unit, but not all new computers are compatiable with XP anymore. Your 2133 is compatiable with XP and drivers are available on the HP website.

    From on-line reviews of your netbook, it would seem that it does perform poorly with Vista as the Operating System, though your wait time seem longer than they should and may indicate a driver or hardware problem.

    Here is the conclusion of a review of your netbook from


    "The HP 2133 Mini-Note is one of the most impressive subnotebooks we've ever seen. Unfortunately, the amazing design and solid range of features are diminished by a sub-par processor and a price tag that places this notebook dangerously close to far superior 12-inch notebooks such as the HP tx2000.

    HP managed to create the single most impressive ultraportable notebook on the market ... and then decided to put a lackluster processor inside.

    Despite the poor processor performance, the HP 2133 Mini-Note is a remarkably solid machine that could be a perfect fit for students, teachers, or mobile business professionals. If HP decides to replace the VIA processors with the new Intel Atom processors or alternative processors from Intel, the Mini-Note would become the undisputed champion of the subnotebook market."
  2. if they have drivers compatibility for XP, your are good to for XP
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