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T5234 Powers off during windows load/boot

Yeah, I was dumb enough to buy an Emachine. Although I have had decent luck for a few years (after upgrading the miserable 1G RAM of course).
Ok, so I usually leave it running all the time. I came home yesterday and it was off. Attempted to power it on and a minute later I noticed it was off again.
Tried again, this time it came up with a screen that Windows did not load and it was recommending a re-work of the startup settings or something like that. I selected to try this, and up comes the Vista load screen with the sliding bar across the bottom. This loads for 3-5 SECONDS and then powers down. Every time.
Am I screwed?
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    It seems like the PSU (Power Supply) is the main culprit in this problem.
    If this PSU is from generic brand, that can explain this.

    Though it can be power cables with contact issues (less frequent, but still worth checking)
    Try to tighten power plugs as well.
  2. I don't see a problem there. I thought I read a bunch of people having this problem had a bad motherboard...

    Thanks for the help.
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