Removing Windows XP from Dual Boot

Hello guys, I recently decided to install WinXP on my Windows 7 Homepremium computer. I partitioned my hard drive into 2 and installed XP on the 2nd one.

How do I delete XP completely and still keep everything from Windows 7?

Is it possible to just do system recovery on Windows 7 and return it to an earlier state?

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  1. i dont think you can do it with system recovery--you have 2 operating systems on 2 partitions

    i think you could just format the 2nd partition then remove xp from the boot record

    remove from boot record--start--type msconfig--open msconfig--go to boot tab--delete the reference to xp

    then resize your partition if you want the full hard drive for windows 7
  2. my current problem is that I cannot start windows 7.

    i tried using easy BCD and that worked, but when I am prompted to select either Windows XP or Windows 7, and I chose Win 7, it loads for a bit and takes me back to the selection screen again so I can only open XP.

    now i;m doing startup repair but it seems to take forever at the "Attempting Repairs stage"......
  3. as soon as you select windows 7 try tapping f8 to see if you can get safe mode option or last known good configuration option to come up
  4. doesnt work =/
  5. at the moment im thinking about wiping hard drive clean
  6. if you have nothing important on the hard drive then it may be the quickest option--you can remove both partitions during the setup
  7. can you tell me how to do that? like what programs to use. since i cant access windows 7, so everything has to be done through XP i guess.
  8. you would need a windows 7 disc or a hidden recovery partition or recovery cds if you want to keep windows 7 on it
  9. i bought the pc from best buy and never even got a win7 CD or recovery cd. only got a drivers pack cd.
  10. it my have a hidden recovery partition--whats the make and model number?
  11. Lenovo Idea Centre K3 Series, I am not very sure about the exact model number though.
  12. luckily for you lenovo/ibm have always been good for recovery partitions--try this

    Turn on the computer. When the Lenovo logo appears, press the F2 key on the
    keyboard to start the Rescue System, then you can select OneKey Recovery

    it wont delete the xp though usually only the c drive--but should make it bootable
  13. wow thanks i never noticed that. hmmm i am currently going through the restoration process. once i finish, should i be able to load up win7 and delete the XP partition and make the partitions into 1 again?
  14. should be able to--nothings ever guaranteed with computers

    if not log into xp and download a free partitioning software--make the bootable cd from it and wipe both partitions--making sure not to wipe the small recovery partition--then run the f2 recovery--that way xp will be gone
  15. hmmm it will not let me start windows. do I go into safe mode?
  16. wow the problem now is that I cannot boot into windows at all. going into safe mode will take me back to the same screen again, choosing to start normal does the same. so is every other option available. and i dont think i can boot into XP anymore
  17. try safe mode
  18. never mind safe mode i missed the last message while typing--format both partitions with a bootable cd and run the f2 recovery when you have one partition
  19. hmm how do i format the partitions with the CD?
  20. it will show the partitions--usually you right click the one you want and select delete--then do the same for the second one--this leaves one large unallocated partition which you right click and format to ntfs

    usually it will have a commit or apply button before it actually does it so you can double check you have selected the correct partitions--the recovery partition will be a smaller one--it may even be hidden or named recovery or something similar

    should be a free version here of one of the softwares
  21. i see the partition mananger home version is free but does not support bootable disks. i am trying to use Ultimate Boot CD
  22. there are partition tools on ubcd--so probably can use that or hirens boot cd has partition tools as well
  23. this is why dual boot's are stupid... :)

    remove the xp hdd/partition, remove the hidden/system boot.ini file and put in the windows 7 cd, repair the boot/startup from there
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