Ok I know there are other threads to this topic but mine may be unique... My USB ports are not working in windows vista... BUT if I boot with the usb device connected it will be ok until I disconnect it... I tried all the registry fixes on the net that pertain to USB to no avail... and I can boot from USB with NO problems and the ports continue to work fine... it's HP Pavillion dV4... I'm convinced it's a windows issue... any ideas before I re-install?
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  1. it may be a driver issue.
    try going to HPs website and make sure all your drivers are up-to-date
    including the motherboard firmware
  2. Because I had this issue for the longest time, went searching for answers all across the internet and couldn't find it, I'm hoping posting my solution to one of the top search results on google will help others. (so hopefully posting on super old forums isn't against the rules, didn't see it in the Rules of Conduct)

    For me, it was going under Plan settings and changing things around a bit.
    In windows 7 you can right click the battery in the system tray and click on 'power options'
    Or Control panel> Hardware and Sound> power Options> Edit Plan Settings
    >Change Advanced Power settings> USB Settings> USB Selective Suspend Setting > On Battery/Plugged In >> Switch To Disabled

    That fixed my problem, hope that helps someone in the future!
  3. ive had same issue now n then all drivers are up to date ive uninstalled and reinstalled but same problem most the time i just change ports or take it out put it back in and works fine.
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