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hi folks,

I have MS Office 2003 and 2007 installed on my system, prefer to work with 2003, but use 2007 to open docx files (instead of using the conversion tool of MS).
However, whenever I try to open a docx file (that is, when I have to open Word 2007), a long process starts that changes all docx AND doc files to be opened with Word 2007 after that, so when I click any doc file (even after closing Word 2007), it opens in 2007. So I have to open word 2003 first (again with a long wait where word 2003 reassigns all doc files to be opened by it), and from then on, whenever I click a doc file, it opens as I want - in word 2003.

What I want to know is: is there a way (maybe a registry setting to change) to STOP this "reassigning" process with the long wait???

if so, how do I make those changes??

many thanks in advance...

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  1. The program is that both versions of word are fighting to be the default application for all word files.

    In the control panel choose to set the program defaults.

    Select 2003 and choose everything but docx. Then select 2007 and only choose docx.

    This should give you the behaviour you need.
  2. Ive always had tons of problems with having multiple Offices installed. I would suggest uninstalling 2007 if you dont use it often and give the Microsoft compatibility pack a try.
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