Which OS Do You Use?

I figured that it was time for another poll, as the other one seems to have ran its course.

This is another simple poll just to get an idea of what the more technologically astute of us prefer in terms of operating systems. So, what do you currently use?

I know some of us have dual boot systems, but go with the one that you find yourself using the most.
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  1. I use Windows 7 Pro on both my desktop and laptop. I also have Ubuntu on the laptop in a dual boot config that I occasionally play with, but for the most part I use W7. Like most, I did the beta testing of W7 to try and get away from Vista ASAP!
  2. You know I've used Vista for years now without issues. People bash the bajesus out of it but I've never had significant problems.

    I'm rocking 7 for my media box, Vista for my desktop and Ubuntu for my NAS.

  3. Strictly speaking, my "current OS" is XP because it's what I use most on my main PC when working but my "favourite OS" would be PCLinuxOS.
  4. I triboot vista ultimate red , win 7 and ubuntu 11.04!
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    dual triboot

    Does not compute :)
  6. I use Win7 and XP the most, but my Win7 PC also boots Ubuntu, and inside it I have many virtual machines: one with DOS 6.2/Win3.1/NT4.0; various versions of Linux; FreeBSD; Solaris; XP; Win2k.
  7. sweet setup philfrisbie!!!!!!!!
  8. I forgot about the virtual machine- I have XP on the desktop for use with an ancient scanner.
  9. Virtual machines on the desktop rule! I do not want to think of all the years I had three physical machines with different OSs tied together with a KVM switch :o

    Yes, I had to boot them up in a particular order or the PS2 mouse would not work right! :fou:
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    sweet setup philfrisbie!!!!!!!!

    Thanks! I have an older screenshot on my blog.
  11. nice that is a sweet setup!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I agree. Excellent setup utilizing VM's!
  13. Win7 Pro!
  14. Win 7 Ultimate on the main laptop, 7 starter on the netbook it's just for basic surfing etc on the road so I so need to upgrade, I run Ubuntu 11.04 on my server and just for giggles I have a G4 ibook that I picked up for cheap that I use for mac only software where I don't have or don't like the windows software for the same task
  15. Windows 7 Ultimate on my main computer et dual-boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu on my netbook (Samsung N130).
  16. ALL my units run win7 pro or ultimate, I have versions of both 32 and 64 bits..
    I use to dibble with linux but I haven't in some time now..
  17. Windows XP-Great OS ever and you can easily understand that We will not get service pack 4 as Microsoft thinks Windows 7 and upcoming Windows 8 will not do enough profit for popularity of xp.............sorry if something wrong with my English.
  18. win7 64bit
  19. Voted Windows 7 - most of my builds just run x64 Ultimate (school license is why it's not just Home Premium), but my main one also runs Ubuntu 11.04 VM. My Mac (for XCode) has Snow Leopard and Ultimate through boot camp.
  20. I have one Dell 8200 XP 32, 1 Vista 32 Homebuilt, 1 Homebuilt Windows 7 Pro 64.
  21. Thus far I'm sorta of surprised not to see as many XP users. I guess W7 has made the dent MS has hoped for.
  22. Yeah Windows 7 is great, i did get a bit pissed off that it didn't play many old games so i went back to XP but i found myself coming back to 7 again. The thing that impresses me most is that the function that searches for drivers automatically actually works. Even worked on a PC not connected to the internet with no cd in the drive, that confused me a bit lol.

    P.S. I use Windows 7 Ultimate on my main rig and Windows 7 Starter on my netbook, also thinking of giving Linux a try.
  23. I'm not a fan of W7 Starter. It is too limited if you ask me. Obviously netbooks do not have the power of a standard PC or laptop, but there should be more to the Starter version. Then again, with the meteoric rise of tablets over the past year or so, who knows how long netbooks have left as a viable option for most.
  24. I agree ,i think windows 7 starter is too limited,just like vista basic was.They should just do away with those generic operating systems!
  25. Dual boot of Win 7 Pro 64bit and Xp Pro 32bit for me. I've had this setup since I got my grubby paws on the first beta of 7 about two years ago. Since then, my usage time on XP has steadily declined with every new version of 7 I installed (Beta->RC->Release). I haven't booted XP up in months, and will get rid of it permanently with my next upgrade.
  26. I'm curious to see if MS can somehow integrate the XP parameters into W8 to forgo the use of XP Mode. If they can do that and most older programs designed for XP actually work on W8, XP will officially be dead.
  27. I've had little to no compatibility problems. Maybe it's because of the limited set of applications I use, but I've got pretty much all my 90's era stuff working in 7.
  28. It seems to me that the one segment who has issues with W7 and compatibility are businesses and to a degree, some ancient tech software. What I mean by "tech software, " for example is something called SCADA. SCADA is used by many cities across the country to control water and sewer systems. We just implemented a SCADA system in the city where I work and it runs on XP and nothing else. It's kind of sad to see a brand new Core i7 laptop (one of the 3 PC's used) running XP. But I guess that is what has to be done if the manufacturer (Siemens, I believe) hasn't updated their program in such a long time.
  29. I had ACL reconstruction surgery 2 months ago, and every medical facility i visited , 3 of them all still run xp pro!It will be the dinosaur that never becomes extinct!
  30. If you have to have surgery again or heck, if I have to, I'll ensure that the facility where it's done uses W7 or I'm going elsewhere! ;)
  31. There's plenty of xp users out there, you just won't be as likely to find them wondering these forums to stumble upon this poll.

    majority of enthusiasts that frequent these forums have upgraded to win7, which is what you're seeing in you poll.

    at the same time, many people would stick with XP if they could, but MS cutting support on 2014 isn't very nice outlook.
  32. Indeed. Most who cruise the forums on a regular basis are tech savvy and like the newest stuff out there. There are a few steadfast XP enthusiasts though. I wish MS would have cut off support sooner, as it is time for the world to move on to something more current.
  33. is it just me or do you think that it's too soon for MS to be talking windows 8,
    especially for desktop systems and such.?
    maybe rename it to something more suitable for all the mobile devices they are aiming for,
    I don't know.
  34. I guess it is all a matter of personal choice. I like newer-"better" things myself, but for those who prefer practicality, XP is still the answer in some cases.

    I concur Malmental, it is a bit early for W8. Apparently, MS thinks we all needs an OS with the looks of the WP7 OS. I'm not too crazy about what I've seen thus far, but if MS does a public beta program again, I'll definitely give it a try/chance.
  35. Personally, Win7-64, by choice.
    Professionally, WinXP, no choice.
  36. I shifted to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit last week. But still XP has to be my favorite!
  37. Give it time, W7 will grow on you. ;)
  38. It has done a little! But Win8 is on its way. I don't quite understand the quick release of new OS's. Vista/7/8 are almost what you can say back to back! :??:
  39. switched to win7 yesterday, still can't figure out the explorer... favorites/libraries/my computer wow I think I only get how the latter works for now
  40. The only problem that i had was the stupid UAC that Vista onwards have. Man... i had to delete one file and it told me you dont have permission. I was like "@!@#$$%... What the hell?"!! :fou:
  41. Its just that flash drives weren't there in those days. Some people's ice cream may be **** for others! Let them enjoy what they like! :)
  42. Agreed. The UAC in Vista was downright annoying, but it is not too bad on W7. Either way, I usually kill it on any new install of Windows or any computers I build or work on. It was well meaning, but it is annoying as sin.
  43. UAC is something which you can just click Yes-Yes-Yes and you're done. It does not actually stop a malicious program not to get installed. Does it??
  44. And an end user may not understand what program he is installing and the OS doesn't know... what's the use?
  45. Yes, I saw the same thing. Basically, a solid AV program/firewall is about as good as you're going to do. If you get something, hit it with malwarebytes. I am rather fond of malwarebytes- it's always taken care of anything I've thrown at it.
  46. windows 8 on my "IPAD"....:D
  47. Already?? I thought it wasn't released! :ouch:
  48. joking...
  49. :D
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