Dell Vista Install Disc to Install On a HP

I have been debating to try this. The install loaded and i got to the partition section but i wasn't sure whether to go on or not. The i realized that i could use a disk imager to back it up. But then i sat there realizing that if windows wouldn't open then i couldn't get my XP installation back. I know it sounds dumb i want vista, but i want the extra video stuff (Directx 10).

So my questions are:

1.) Will it install.

2.) If I mess up and cant get into windows is there a way to get to the image i make on a DVD? (I have a Linux DVD if that helps...)

I really want to do this! :)

You might wonder why i wont just use my XP install disk, well i cant find it... lol :lol:

Thanks Ahead :bounce:
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  1. Also I have a tiny hard drive so i wont be able to dual boot... :( only 55GB lol
  2. What a better way to ask this is:

    Is there any way for me to create a bootable image (free) that i can boot up from if things go bad and there is no OS for me to access that image...
  3. Make your Restore discs from within XP... HP has a utility to let you do this in case you hose your OS. Then, you can install Vista and if it does screw up, you'll have your HP restore discs to get you back to XP.

    Btw... there's nothing wrong with wanting to use Vista / 7. I know there are still quite a few XP diehards that poo poo on anything newer... but it is quite safe to ignore them. If they want to be 10 years behind the rest of us, then that's up to them.
  4. Hey :) i installed vista, and i hate it if i try to game, or do anything seriou, BUT i love the interface, and it responds really well.

    The problem i come to now, is im trying to use the Dell disk Key and it wont take it, is there any way to get it to work without the phone way...

    And i love 7... :)
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