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The best way to backup bluray

Hello There
Due to the frequently use,it is difficult to protect my Blu-ray disc from scratches and worn out.So I want to lossless backup my bluray discs.
The way i know is Disc to a blank BD-R 25GB or 50GB,but it has cost me plenty of time and money.Can anyone tell me the better way about backup blu-ray?Thanks a lot.
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    I don't have a better answer to your question, but think about this: The movie industry is trying to convince judges that you do not own the content of those Blu-ray discs, that you only license the right to view it. If that is the case, then if a disc becomes unusable the publisher should provide a free or very low cost replacement!
  2. yes,you are right.thank you for your information :bounce:
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  4. Solved!!!!
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