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What do you guys think of the Mazda3? I really love the blue one and the red one. Here's a picture

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  1. I like the drivetrain and the flared fenders but I can not stand the front bumper. I'd wait for the Focus ST is I were looking for a hatchback.
  2. This one in your pic is really beautiful, i love it.
  3. The blue Mazda3, like the one you pictured, is slick. I wouldn't mind one of those myself.
  4. They remind me of the Mazda Protege5 wagon which was a great car in its own so I would imagine the Mazda3 would be even better.
  5. not bad but i still prefer older JDMs still really torn up about the discontinue of the RX-8 and subsequently but more importantly the Rotary engine
  6. Yeah I'd loce to get a JC Cosmos with a 20B. It does suck that the rotary is no longer. They just could not get it to pass emissions and fuel economy standards.
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