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I have high res video in my computer which i want to convert and watch in my mobile.
I use "Any Video Converter" which is free. But it takes a lot of time to convert.
Can anyone suggest me any video conversion software which is maintains the video quality and also converts the video fast.

Note: I have i5-2300 (2.8GHz), 4GB DDR3 Ram, ATi 5850
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    You can try Format Factory. You can customize the encoding parameters

    I use it to convert audio files. It's a pretty good software. And it's free. Format Factory
  2. can it convert flv, divx, xvid, mkv etc?
  3. Here's a screenshot for video formats (in french - I'm french, so I use french interface) :

    "Tout type vers" means "All to".

    In "Tout types vers Appareils mobiles" (All to Mobile device), there is a list of mobile device, with their list of supported videos (settings are preconfigured).

    You can find the list of all supported files here :
  4. hey thanks *** lot for the info....
    i have downloaded it and converted some files
    its amazingly fast...i have converted *** 350mb (624x352 res) avi file to mp4 within just 5 mins.
    thanks *** lot
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  6. You're welcome. ;)
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