Heavy CPU usage at startup (lasts 5-10 minutes)

The computer in question: Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop (2 GB DDR2 Ram, Duo Core 1.6 GHZ).

Operating System: Vista Business Edition 32-bit

Issue: when Windows Vista starts, the CPU seems to be working even when I'm doing nothing and the hard drive activity light keeps flashing (you can really hear it going). The problem is, it keeps doing this for say up to 15 minutes before it settles at times. Sometimes maybe a little less (10 minutes), but not much.

This slows things down if I want to start programs, etc.

This is a clean install of Vista, with both Service Packs and all updates + Drivers + Norton Internet Security 2010.

When I check task manager, the CPU chart seems to be spiking fairly high, but when I switch quickly to look to see what process it is, nothing is using as much CPU as it indicates.

Usually, it's just SVCHost (2 of those processes in particular) and it's at about 4-8%, but it seems to be going up and down. I checked the services related to each one and disabled anything that wasn't needed (not much), but the rest were all your standard services: Windows update, background intelligent transfer service, WLAN autoconfig, etc.

Norton's services (I suspected Norton right away) don't seem to be showing much of any CPU activity after the initial first part of startup. Unless there is something hidden, or it is using some other service.

I'm wondering what the cause of this is, any help is appreciated.

Could Norton be running a scan of some kind? Some sort of driver issue? Why all the hard drive activity?

I haven't used Vista much, so I don't know what is normal (how much of a resource hog it is), but that doesn't seem to be.
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  1. go to msconfig & remove unwanted applications from start-up


    you can also try Ccleaner ,
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